I dragged Blacksum through a jumping puzzle in Orr. She has the manliest mesmer flower I’ve ever ever seen!


haha you take such nice screens
if sylvari had leafy mustaches I’d take five

community art giveaway?

Holy follower count batman, you guys are awesome! I’m not really good at giveaways; but I’d like to do another little community vote/giveaway if you’re up to it.

Simply reblog, or reply to this post and request whatever you wish in the Guild Wars universe! I’ll do an elaborate illustration based on the subject that trends the most popular.

Oct 19th, approx two weeks from now will be the cut off date to respond :)

charrr purrito ♡∀♡

charrr purrito ♡∀♡

Anonymous said:
Hey you are an incredible person and an amazing artist. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Why that’s a very kind thing to say, thank you anon friend! (:

greekceltic for best classical wall art.

Hey thereeee- heads up my ask-box is going to go down for a while- if you have any questions for me, you can always reach my main- and I think fanmail still works but fanmail has been janky like what for me

What the-! My heart…
//Your art is so awesome, i laughed at the sight of the joke. :D

What the-! My heart…

//Your art is so awesome, i laughed at the sight of the joke. :D

Do you take commissions because holy smokes your work is great!

Why thank you! yes I certainly do- pretty much always :) I do have some prices up that have been popular in the past at on my main art blog

You be sure to let me know if something is to your taste!