I have a bad habit of learning bdays after they happen- so I colored fluff from earlier .. my sketchbook is 80% fluff

blacksum is going on haitus - someone let me know when tengu become playable. take care! :)

bonus panel: that formula was extensively self tested it before it was ever used on a charr.

black lion sales


Buy Phalanx armor for an alt after forever and a day.

Week later it’s on sale.


I had to laugh that keteus was the reaction image of choice here


"Evil? More like positively vexing. My concurrent shipments from Orr are held indefinitely and this puts me in an ambiance most foul. Perhaps the abundant mass of minions will provide me with some supplementary research material….

(sorry for the delay! I’m slowly getting to these!!)

… on tandem with that man with his pleasures denied was not a wholesome circumstance.


Art trade with Kozz!
Yulic, Keteus… and a ball of yarn.

shoot! cuuuuuuute!


just a nice way to wrap up spring break with an art trade! I broke out some of my ink pens and pencils, I do miss poking around traditional arts. and also gosh darn I love being asked to draw interactions :)

Kozz! This is amazing! I only hope my end of the art trade is as good as this!! ;_;!
*Ships Six and Twub so much*

aww I’m glad you like it bro!